Lucky Patcher Apk Download

Lucky patcher is a most useful and valuable app for all the android users. As it can perform many useful things that other apps can’t. It can bypass premium features of paid apps , can backup and restore apps, can controls ads in apps, and many more!

Below you can find the download links of lucky patcher games up to the latest version available.


Lucky patcher apk is an fantastic android tool to get free in app purchases, Install modded play store, remove ads and License verification from android apps and games. Lucky patcher can be used on android and also on PC or windows with the help of bluestacks. If you want to use lucky patcher on PC, please click here to jump to PC section.

How to install modded Play Store ?
1. Install latest Lucky Patcher.
2. Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > select "Patch to Android".
3. Select "Signature Verify always True" and "Disable Zip Signature Verify" > Apply > Yes.
4. After reboot, go to "Patch to Android" and check (Patch applied). If applied, exit from Lucky patcher otherwise do third step again.
5. Backup current Play Store with Titanium Backup if you want to restore original version in case.
6. Rename downloaded modded Play Store and transfer to SD card : 
- Gingerbread users > rename to "Vending.apk". 
- ICS / Jelly Bean users > rename to "PhoneSky.apk".
7. Open Root Explorer and copy/replace renamed apk to "/system/app/" folder.
8. Set permissions "rw-r--r--" and reboot.
9. Done. All apps on device with "LVL" are licensed.